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Kara-Kesh Rdln Sugar-Red-TW

EX 92-2E

Redliner-Red x Advent Sara EX 94-3E

4-05   365d   30,013m   3.3f   3.1p   90scc

EX & VG Daughters by Contender-Red

Including All-American Nominee

Contender Spark  EX 94-2E

*2nd Aged Cow & 1st B&O,

Midwest Fall RW Show '13

*H.M. Sr Champ, 2nd 5 Yr Old & BU, MN Holstein Dist 10 Show '12

Platte-Vu Advent Sara-Red

EX 94-3E

Advent x VG 89 Rubens x

EX 91-2E Ranger x EX 91-2E Dairyman x EX DOM Triple Threat

7-01   305d   26,562m   4.0f   3.3p   25scc

EX Daughters by Goldwyn, Redliner & Talent

VG Daughters by Armani, Goldwyn & Talent

*Sr Champion & 1st 125k lb cow,

MN State RW Show '14

*All-MN RW 125k lb cow '14

*7th Aged Cow, Grand Intl RW Show '12 
*Res Grand Champion, Sr Champ, 1st & BU Aged Cow, R&W Natl Conv Show '11
*2nd Aged Cow, Midwest Fall RW Show '11
*Res Sr Champ MN RW Show '09
*Res All-MN RW 4 yr old '09
*Res All-MN RW Dam/Daughter '09
*All-MN RW Dam/Daughter '08
*All-MN RW Summer Yrlng '06

Kara-Kesh-RK G

Silhouette - ET *RC

EX 93 - 95 MS

Goldwyn x Advent Sara EX 94-3E

4-02   365d   29,710m   3.4f   3.2p   40scc

*RC & *PC Daughter by AppleJax-P-Red

GP 84 (VG MS)

*RC & *PC G'dau by Airlfit

*Red G'dau by Contender-Red pic left

*Res Grand & 1st 5 Yr Old, BU, B&O,

MN Holstein Dist 10 Show '14


Sparrow - Red

EX 92 (94 MS) @ 4-05

Contender x GP 84 Absolute x 

Goldwyn Silhouette pic right 

*7th Jr 3 Yr Old, Intl RW Show '18

*Red Daughters by Defiant (VG 87) & Unstopabull (VG 86)

*Red G'dau by Warrior-Red & Defiant

HF42723 Kara-Kesh-RK Sparrow-Red.jpg

Background photo by Cybil Fisher Photography

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