Kara-Kesh-RK Our Gem-Red-ET

EX 91 (EX MS)  @ 3-05

Avalanche x VG Absolute Nom AA 2x
x EX 91 Regiment Nom AA 3x

x Raes Hope-Red EX 92 (maternal sis to Debutante Rae) x EX DOM x EX 96 3E GMD DOM x EX 94 2E GMD DOM x EX 90 GMD DOM x ROXY EX 97 4E DOM x EX 90

*Hon Men All-American & Res Jr AA RW Jr 2 Yr Old'19

*H.M. Grand, Res Int, 1st Jr 2 (3rd Open), 1st B&O,

International RW Junior Show '19

*Grand & 1st Jr 2 , MW Fall Nat'l RW Jr Show '19

*3rd Spring Calf, MW Fall Nat'l RW '17

RW Daughter by Diamondback

Pregnancies by Dice-Red

Gem will be IVF'd this lactation.  Inquiries welcome!

Bred & Owned by

Curtis, Evelyn & Agnes

HF44894 Kara-Kesh-RK Our Gem-Red-ET.jpg

Ryan & Karen Griffin

Curtis, Evelyn & Agnes

19436 220th St NE

Thief River Falls, MN 56071

Ryan's cell (507) 269-4640