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Kara-Kesh-RK Our Gem-Red-ET

EX 91 (EX MS)  @ 3-05

Avalanche x VG Absolute Nom AA 2x
x EX 91 Regiment Nom AA 3x

x Raes Hope-Red EX 92 (maternal sis to Debutante Rae) x EX DOM x EX 96 3E GMD DOM x EX 94 2E GMD DOM x EX 90 GMD DOM x ROXY EX 97 4E DOM x EX 90

*Hon Men All-American & Res Jr AA RW Jr 2 Yr Old'19

*H.M. Grand, Res Int, 1st Jr 2 (3rd Open), 1st B&O,

International RW Junior Show '19

*Grand & 1st Jr 2 , MW Fall Nat'l RW Jr Show '19

*3rd Spring Calf, MW Fall Nat'l RW '17

Sadly, we lost Gem in the summer of 2020.  But blessed

to have her RW daughters by Diamondback (due June '21)

and LOH Dice-Red!

Bred & Owned by

Curtis, Evelyn & Agnes

HF44894 Kara-Kesh-RK Our Gem-Red-ET.jpg
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